A 3D Printable Instax holder for Polaroid pack film cameras and backs

Around the time Fuji announced the discontinuation of FP100C I was experimenting with Instax film in old Polaroid Land cameras. Using an old Fuji or Polaroid cartridge as a film holder works, but they’re not the easiest thing to take apart and put back together in a dark bag, so this is what I came up with.


The film holder body fits in the camera where the film pack would normally go, with the sloped end pointing towards the rollers. A sheet of Instax wide fits into the holder with the developer pouch at the top edge (top right edge in the picture).


The pressure plate is held in place by the camera’s springs and has a cutout at the top to avoid putting pressure on the developer pouch.

Limitations and areas for improvement

  • The overhanging block on the pressure plate which makes contact with the camera’s spring can be hard to print. The blocks could be replaced with a separately printed piece in future versions if this is a common problem.
  • With the current pressure plate design film can only be inserted with the developer at the top of the camera (bottom of the image). This could be resolved by making the blocks longer and making the pressure plate ends and corresponding recesses in the holder symmetrical, allowing the plate to be used either way around, however the blocks would need to be a lot longer resulting in longer printing times.

Download the 3D printable .stl models and FreeCAD files

Creative Commons License
All CAD files for this project are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


One comment

  1. cool stuff! does it work yet? are there any updates? i would love to try this with my polaroid land 340

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